The two big Spanish companies FAMATEL and TEKOX have prioritized the safety and quality of their products. It is with great pleasure that the GIAKO GROUP distributes the above mentioned products in the Greekmarket. This is mainly because of the huge satisfaction which derives from the company’s clients and consumers, thanks to the superior quality of these products and the strict application of regulations theycomply with in their use.

A wide range of products from...
led-ar-111-scob-reflector-12v-g53Named clothing store placed the lamp LED AR111 SCOB REFLECTOR 12V G53 with great success.        

The GIAKO LED lamps are third-generation economy lamps. They last longer, use less power and allow designers to use light in ways never thought of before.These revolutionary lamps have a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours, consume 80 to 90% less energy than the other common bulbs, last up to...

2013-06-21-08-39-31The energy saving GLOU lamps fully meet the needs even of the most demanding customers and clients of today, offering solutions thanks to their various applications and to a brand new philosophy when it comes to design. The old incandescent and halogen bulbs can simply be replaced with new Compact Fluorescent GLOU Lamps...


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