European directives

European Commission, in order to satisfy health and safety requirements for all European citizens, establishes European legislation, the so called European Directives. All Directives have to be incorporated in the national legislation of the member countries of EU, in a specified time period. A prerequisite for the implementation of those Directives is the existence of European standards. The preparation of standards that support the essential requirements of EU Directives is mandated to CEN and CENELEC. The member bodies of CEN and CENELEC, including ELOT, have to adopt the CEN/CENELEC standards as national. The use of so called “harmonized standards” is highly recommended but not mandatory, if the user covers the essential requirements of a certain Directive in an equivalent to the harmonized standards way.

The existing EU Directives cover the following groups of products:

1. To read the content of the Directive please click on the Directive number. 
2. To read the list of harmonized standards per Directive please click on the title of the Directive.
3. All data given in the following table are only for information. The text of the Directives may have been amended or Annexes added to by the issuing entity. For further information please refer to the EU search machine.

1  87/404/ECC          Simple pressure vessels
 2  88/378/ECC  Toys
 3  89/106/ECC  Construction products 
 4  89/686/ECC  Personal protective equipment
 5  90/384/ECC  Weighting instruments
 6  90/385/ECC  Active implantable medical devices
 7  90/396/ECC  Appliances burning gaseous fuels
 8  92/42/ECC  Hot water boilers
 9  93/15/ECC  Explosives for civil uses
 10  93/42/ECC  Medical devices
 11  94/9/EC  Equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
 12  94/25/EC  Recreational craft
 13  95/16/EC  Lifts
 14  96/48/EC  High-speed rails
 15  96/98/EC  Marine equipment
 16  97/23/EC  Pressure equipment 
 17  98/37/EC  Machines
 18  98/79/EC  In vitro diagnostic Medical devicesδιάγνωσης
 19  99/5/EC  Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipmentς
 20  99/36/ΕΕ  Transportable pressure equipment
 21  2000/9/EC  Cableways
 22  2000/14/EC  Noise emission in the environment by equipment for use outdoors
 23  2001/16/EC  Conventional rail 
 24  2004/22/EC  Measuring instruments
 25  2004/108/EC  Electromagnetic compatibility
 26  2006/95/EC
 Low voltage 




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